Advanced Composite Powerboats

The answer to the quest for speed and beauty

platinum power boats combines our drive for speed, with an eye for design and a background in engineering. The results have been extraordinary.

Products like our 41 Raptor have set precedence, not only because they were engineered with Class-A automotive quality surfaces, but this projects was also the first offshore powerboat to have 5-axis CNC milled hull and deck  tooling. The 41 Raptor is also the first offshore pleasureboat to be completely crafted from advanced carbon prepreg & Nomex honeycomb composite.

The 43 Tencara changed Class 1 powerboat racing. Not only was the design a multiple Class 1 World Championship winner, but the 43 Tencara "Callan Marine" was the first offshore power boat to break the milestone 200mph barrier - the marine equivalent of first supersonic flight.

Superior engineering brings home the trophies. An eye for design is the foundation for beauty, which stands the test of time!

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